Access denied!

On Wednesday 8th December, Adultwork took the decision to not allow non members of the site to view Escort’s phone numbers. This is in affect forcing non members of the site to register and create an account with them. The majority of my clients don’t have Adultwork profiles, quite understandably for discretionary reasons, and prefer to obtain our number from the site and call us directly for an appointment.

Why Adultwork are doing this could be for a number of reasons, but one thing for certain is that it has had a catastrophic affect on the majority of Working girls, whose phones have simply stopped ringing! Our protestations are falling on deaf ears, and Adultwork’s reasoning behind this is:

  • ”Introduce an additional layer of security for offering service members”
  • ”Increase the rate of meaningful, serious user interaction “
  • ”Remove the barrier of registration for interacting with you and your content”
  • ”We do not believe this policy will have a negative effect on serious clients or the level of interest you receive via phone or email”

Hmmmmmm……we do our own screening and security checks of clients…..we are good at it! Just because a client may have an AW profile does not make us safe! If anything it is putting SP at more risk by diminishing the flow of clients contacting them and making them less fastidious about who they see out of financial necessity.

About a year ago I took the decision to create my own website, as I thought one day something like this would happen. It is a very worrying time for many Service Providers, whose livelihood has just been cut off with no warning, and are struggling in the wake of Covid.

Hopefully many of my clients know how to contact me, I shall be maintaining a higher presence on Twitter, and advertising on other directories/sources and less on Adultwork.

So Gentlemen, make sure you have your favourite SP details, as I suspect other features that have been free will soon disappear too.

Today 13th December 2021 Adultwork have announced they have decided to revert their decision to only show phone numbers to registered members. This is a huge relief for SP’s who saw their businesses come to an abrupt halt literally overnight. This is a welcome decision by Adultwork.

A lesson to us all about putting all our eggs in one basket.

Victoria Myers