As smooth as a dolphin!

There are 3 certainties in life, taxes, death and hair growing in places you don’t want them to grow!! As a lady that isn’t particularly hirsute, but likes to take care of myself, keeping myself nice and smooth is a time consuming job. I know many of you gentlemen like to keep yourselves smooth too (and it is very much appreciated by us ladies!).

There are so many options when it comes to hair removal, shaving, waxing, hair removal creams, each has its own merits:

  1. Shaving is quick and cheap, but short lived result…….and oh the stubble.
  2. Waxing gives a nice result, but you have to wait for the hair to be a certain length for treatment, it can be painful and can cause annoying ingrowing hairs.
  3. Hair removal creams give a nice smooth finish, but the result doesn’t last long and the smell is awful!

A while ago I started getting laser hair removal, it can be quite painful (bit like being flicked by an elastic band) and quite expensive (you have to have quite a few sessions), but I can honestly say it has been such a good investment, I am now lovely and smooth and no longer have to spend time hacking away with a razor lol. The results are very long lasting, and once completed, you only have to go in very very occasionally for a maintenance appointment.

I recently read a thread on a men’s lifestyle forum, where they were discussing their hair removal techniques, it was hilarious, the positions that they get themselves into trying to get a nice smooth finish around their sack and crack, I’m surprised they don’t do themselves an injury lol

if ever you want a laugh, please read the reviews on Amazon for “Veet for men”, it is absolutely hilarious, and highlights some of the disasters gentlemen can encounter when removing their unwanted hair.

These days Gentlemen spend time and effort on their appperance, which I think is fabulous, I have a lovely client who I love watching getting ready after a shower, he has different lotions for his skin and beard, he even has a little beard brush which fascinates me! It is quite an education to watch him.

If you would like an appointment with a “smooth as a dolphin”, mature, independent lady in central London, nationally or internationally, then please get in touch.

Victoria Myers