Baubles, Nipple Pasties and Thongs!

Hey everyone HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!

Where did this year go? It has gone by so quickly, it only seems like a couple of months ago I was taking the Christmas tree down!

As many of you know I am taking December off, I will be back and available early January 2024 (although I haven’t worked the date out yet, but it’s likely to be either from the 8th or from the 15th January) please keep an eye out on my availability, and as soon as I am 100% sure I will update my website.

January is going to be exciting as on my return to London I will be sharing my latest photo shoot with you.  I am so pleased with the results…….it’s a bit racier than normal…..who knew at my age I would be naked in a bar in North London apart from some nipple pasties (not the sort you eat!), a rhinestone thong and some beads…….it certainly was great fun!

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year, I shall look forward to catching up with everyone soon!,

Victoria Myers