“Down for routine maintenance!!”


“Down for routine maintenance!!”

Hi everyone

For the last few weeks I have been based at Liverpool Street, London, I have really enjoyed my time there, but the short lease on my apartment will come to an end on the 12th July, so I am taking some time off (only a few weeks) to, as the blog title suggests get some routine maintenance done lol…….

you may interpret that how you wish lol.  I am planning on returning to “work” on 18th July, from my lovely new permanent location in Fitzrovia.

So if you wish to see me before I break up on Friday 11th June in Liverpool Street, London, then please get in touch, otherwise I will look forward to seeing you in July in Fitzrovia, London. I will still be blogging whilst I am off, so don’t forget to check back here for updates.

P.S. Don‘t forget if you wish to have access to the free private members section of my website, that has more blogs and content, then please get in touch (only clients that have previously seen me please).