Fully Fashioned fabulousness!

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.  I’ve had a busy few weeks, I had a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago with the amazing Tigz Rice https://www.tigzrice.com/produ... Tigz did my previous photo shoot.  Anyone visiting her site should check out her award winning book “Strip Tease” which is full of fabulous pictures from the burlesque community, the book is on sale at the moment and would make an amazing gift for yourself (or someone else……hint hint lol).  I was thrilled with the results of my previous photo shoot so decided to have some more pictures done with her.  The shoot was held at a fabulous Art Deco cocktail bar in North London www.fontaines.bar (it is well worth a visit).  I now have the hard task of choosing 11 pictures (there are so many fantastic pictures to choose from!).  I shall look forward to sharing them with you on my website, so keep checking back!

As I wore some Fully Fashioned Stockings for the shoot, I thought I would write a blog about these wonderfully sexy items!

What is it about Fully Fashioned stockings (FFS) that is so damn sexy?…….is it the smooth silky feel as you run your hands up a nylon stockinged leg, is it the seam that runs up the back of a shapely leg?  Is it the few inches of soft bare skin that greats you between the top of the stocking and a pair of pretty panties?

FFS first arrived in the 1920’s, peaking in the 1950’s with the introduction of nylon, over 780000 pairs sold on the first day and 64 million pairs in the first year in North America alone.

FFS are made on special knitting machines (Reading knitting machines), only a handful of these machines remain operational in the world today.

FFS are knitted flat with the seam being an integral part of the stocking in holding it all together.  Each and every seam is actually sewn by hand on a special type of overlocker.

The old Reading machines only make around 30 pairs of stockings at a time.  If the machine breaks down and parts can’t be sourced from old scrap machines, then parts have to be fabricated from scratch.

FFS are quite pricey compared with modern day tights and stockings, so if your lady is wearing a pair, she will Thankyou for having smooth hands and no snaggy nails!!!

One of my favourite outfits is a black satin pencil skirt, satin blouse, a 12 strap suspender belt, a pair of FFS and of course killer heels!

I always purchase my FFS from www.giostockings.com. If you are looking to purchase a pair of FFS Gio would be my recommendation (do check the size guide though, as FFS have no “give” in them like ordinary modern day stockings)……I’m a size 10 in FFS if you are wondering!

I would like to thank “S” for very kindly sponsoring my photo shoot, if anyone would like to sponsor further photo shoots please get in touch.

Victoria Myers