Holy Moley!!!

Hi everyone 

I hope everything is well in your worlds!

I’ve just got back from a fabulous 6 nights away, where I visited a ranch and went horse riding in some spectacular countryside.  This has made me all the more determined to do a cattle drive at some point, although I will need to get some riding hours in beforehand to get my ankles and backside prepared for many hours in a saddle!

A few weeks ago I saw a very dear friend who was to have a suspicious mole removed from their shoulder, when I looked at it, it was a tiny, tiny mark that could have been so very easily missed.  Luckily it got spotted and is being dealt with.  This got me thinking about my sun history and my moles, I was a child of the 70’s when Mothers kicked you out in the morning to “play out”, no sunscreen on, just a coating of baby oil or lard (ok just joking about the lard!), you returned home later in the day bright red with sunburn and then a few days later started peeling like a snake!  In the 70’s it was very different to how things are today.  I remember going on holidays to the coast in the family car with both parents puffing away the entire journey on a Park Drive or a Number 6 tipped…….with the car windows barely open!…….how times have changed……thankfully!

Being the natural worrier/borderline hypochondriac (just joking) that I am, I thought about all the holidays I take and the days I spend laying in the sun cooking myself from morning till the sun goes down….and panicked as I do have a couple of moles that look like a bit like my friend’s unwelcome visitor.  After using Dr Google and whipping myself up into a real panic I booked an appointment at https://www.themoleclinic.co.u... who examined every mole that I possess, one of the ones I was concerned about needs further monitoring, but they are pretty confident it isn’t anything nasty, but it’s better to err on the side of caution.

So guys always try to check your moles, get a friend or partner to do it for you, especially those hard to see areas, such as your back, it is something that gets overlooked……which I was certainly guilty of.

Victoria Myers