“Honestly, I tripped and fell on it!”…………..

Hi everyone, hope you are all well and not been blown away (not in the fun way!) by these winter storms that we have at the moment.  I’ve just come back from a lovely relaxing week in the sun, it felt so good to be able to slip on my bikini and lay in the sunshine.  Hopefully travel is now getting back to normal so exciting times ahead!

My blog is about weird sex injuries, this as after talking to my best friend the other day, she was telling me how she had hurt her mouth on a dildo whilst camming ha ha.  I’ve sustained a fair few injuries myself (but that’s not unusual for me as I’m so clumsy!) in the name of erotic fun……a knee to the nose, I’ve fallen off the bed a few times, bruised/burnt knees, a “listerine” burn in an intimate area to name a few!  Doing a Google search had me in stitches at some of the injuries sustained in the pursuit of sexual gratification, a spanner stuck round a poor chap’s penis, a swollen vagina from “popping candy”, a butternut squash lodged in a bottom!  The most common thing was the disappearing dildo, if you do fancy having some “bottom” fun with a dildo (or any other phallic object) for God’s sake don’t let go of it!  Once it goes up and disappears, it isn’t coming back down without a surgeon’s intervention! 

I’m always looking for blog ideas that are fun and interesting to read, I may do a Q&A blog, so if you have any questions you would like to ask me (however funny or rude) please get in touch via my contact form, and I will do my best to answer!

Victoria Myers