Hooker’s Lips!!

Now that’s got your attention!!

I’ve recently got back from a wonderful holiday, each day at breakfast the table would be adorned with beautiful fresh flowers, all around the hotel were magnificent floral displays.  One arrangement caught my eye……Anthurium also named Painted tongue, Flamingo flowers or Tail flower (pictured in this blog header).  It is a beautiful plant, the flower is a stunning red colour with a waxy texture.  For some reason I find this plant quite visually sexual, maybe it’s the colour (it comes in a variety of reds and pinks), with a yellow/cream spike sticking up (proper name is spadix), maybe my (naughty) mind is thinking they are akin to our intimate parts lol

On Googling “sexy plants” some really sexy naughty looking plants came up, some worthy of an entry on Pornhub!!

Here are my favourites:

1.  Hookers Lip’s…….Psychotria elata

2.  Sausage Tree…..

These long pendulous sausages can grow up to 3 feet in length!

3.  Peter’s Pepper……

This hot chilli reach’s up to 30000 on the Scoville chilli scale!

4.  Naked Man Orchid

5.  Cliteria Ternatea……It’s all in the name!

So by now if you are a regular reader of my blogs you will note I have a naughty sense of humour, I love the old seaside smutty postcards (you don’t see them in shops at the seaside anymore…the world has became so politically correct and everyone is so offended by absolutely everything and anything!). The “Carry On” movies from the late 50’s to late 70’s (can you believe these now carry an “offensive” warning when they are rerun on TV now!), and I will ALWAYS giggle when I hear the word Uranus (I know….very childish lol)

I am in London each week, however I do travel a lot, so my diary is only finalised on the Sunday of each week, my availability is updated on my website, AW and Twitter.

PS…..my “bawdy” sense of humour is reserved for appropriate times….I behave like a lady when out and about…..although I may smile if Uranus is mentioned!

Victoria Myers