I’ll have what she’s having!

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely weather we are having in the UK.

My blog this week talks about intimate stuff, so if you are likely to be offended, embarrassed etc then stop reading………but then you are on my website so I doubt you are lol

Many of you will recognise the title of my blog from the film “When Harry met Sally”, a scene where Sally fakes an orgasm to prove to Harry that men don’t know the difference between what is real and what is fake when it comes to a female orgasm.

Women’s orgasm can be a complicated affair (don’t believe all that you see in the movies, when the hero and heroine both climax in sync with each other….this very rarely happens by the way!).

80% of women don’t achieve orgasm through penetration alone, I’m one of those 80% and it took me many years to realise this.  I really think achieving an orgasm is a learned skill as to how your body works, one that I’ve now perfected lol and can now achieve multiple orgasms (not always I must add!!).  Women’s bodies (and minds) are complicated things…….but I’m sure you know that by now lol.

What is a multiple orgasm?  Is it one long orgasm that goes on and on?  Or is it a series of orgasms in one session?  I think it could be either……I can only speak from experience, my experience is repeated orgasms in a session (with a quick recovery in between each one).  The first orgasm being longer and stronger, then subsequent ones quicker and not as powerful (although just as enjoyable!).

What does a ladies orgasm feel like (to the lady)?  I can only describe it like a clenching tension build up of muscles in my pelvic area followed by an explosion that makes my intimate muscles contract and throb rhythmically.

What are the physical signs a lady has had an orgasm?  Some women react like Sally in the aforementioned film, but the physical signs are also a good indication (if your partner isn’t a “screamer”), you may feel your cock/fingers being rhythmically squeezed by contractions in your partners vagina, a sudden “wetness”, her clitoras will become swollen, she may become flushed, her eyes may dilate and her heart rate increases.

Wouldn’t it be great to swap bodies for the day, so we can experience sex how the opposite sex experiences it?  We would all learn so much (and have great fun doing it!)

I hope my blog has been interesting and informative, there is also some great information, blogs and podcasts on www.lovehoney.co.uk.  They also stock my favourite vibrator “Doxy” (get organised early for Christmas guys if you have a significant other, she will love you for it!)

Victoria Myers