Is that legal?

Hi everyone

I hope you are well, January is whizzing by, and I am looking forward to returning to London following my time off.  I am currently travelling for the next 3 weeks but will be back in London and available for National and International  bookings from 20th February 2023.

As those of you that know me you will know that I am full of useless (yet interesting and highly entertaining lol) information, as I’ve not been doing anything very interesting lately and have nothing much to talk about, I thought I would share some strange yet fascinating facts that I have found whilst idly lounging around at home (there’s only so much daytime TV and porn you can watch lol)……..

Weird sex laws from around the world:

Let’s start in the UK

  • It’s illegal to have sex on a motorcycle in London.
  • Sex on the steps of a church after dark in Birmingham is illegal.
  • It is forbidden by law to ask a Scotsman what’s under his kilt.
  • It is illegal for your dog to have sex with the Queen’s dog… enthusiastic are the Royal Family to protect the Pureness of their breeds, that the law protects them from unwanted mongrel attention.
  • Topless saleswomen are legal in Liverpool, but only in tropical fish stores!

From around the world:

  • Arizona USA, A person cannot have more than 2 dildos in their house.
  • Florida USA, It is illegal to have sex with a porcupine…….”ouch”.
  • Bakersfield USA, states that one has to wear a condom whilst having sex with Satan.
  • Wisconsin USA, no man shall shoot a gun whilst a woman is orgasming.
  • China, women can only roam around naked in bathrooms.
  • Peru, in the 1970’s the government banned prison inmates from eating chilli and hot sauces because of fears they could arouse sexual desires.
  • Hungary, no sex with the lights on.
  • Hong Kong, a wife is allowed to murder her Husband if he cheats on her…..but only with her bare hands!

I hope these fascinating but totally useless facts (unless you were thinking of partaking in any of the aforementioned acts…..and then I’ve saved you lots of embarrassment/fines/prison time lol)

Have fun guys…..and don’t forget to check my availability on my home page.

Victoria Myers