Laughter and sex, the best medicine

Laughter is a natural mood enhancer, a good sense of humour is one of those things that is unique to us all, different things make us laugh, what makes me laugh doesn’t necessarily make you laugh. I would say I have an “old fashioned” sense of humour, show me an old saucy postcard, tell me a naughty joke or read out a rude Limerick and I’ll be giggling for hours!

I have been told I am quick witted and naturally funny, but as you get to know me through my blogs or in person you can make your own mind up!

Laughing is good for you, there are so many health benefits that a good old laugh can give you

Relieves stress, alleviates pain, reduces blood pressure, boosts your immune system and produces endorphins in the same quantities as when you have sex, leaving you with a feeling of total wellbeing as well as being a natural mood booster.

I am so fortunate in being a mature escort that I get to meet such a wide variety of different people with different personalities, there isn’t a day goes by without me finding or hearing something funny and having a damn good laugh, something I can say never happened in my past life 9-5 job!

Laughter is contagious, I like to think I make at least one person a day smile!

If you would like to spend some time with a lady that will put a big smile on your face (for a whole host of reasons), then please get in touch, I am in London weekly, but am happy to travel to you nationally or internationally (subject to booking length and Covid restrictions).

Victoria xx

Victoria Myers