Let me tell you a little secret……

Hi everyone Hope you are all well, and enjoying the Euros as much as I am!

This week I want to blog about body image, I’ve recently read on a lifestyle forum (and this does come up often) about gentlemen that are so worried about the shape they are in, their age, their fitness, their inexperience, their performance, their looks etc etc etc that it prevents them from taking the plunge in seeing a paid companion (escort).

Let me tell you a little secret………to 99.9% of escorts it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference. As long as you are clean, polite and respectful we are happy to see you! I enjoy spending time with gentlemen of all shapes, size and ages, everyone is different, if everyone was the same it would be very boring!!

So Gentlemen, please don’t worry about your body hang ups, we all have them…..(even those of us that spend time in and out of sexy lingerie), just be confident, love yourself, and above all have fun!

I am currently off, but I hope to be back from the week beginning 18th July 2021, I will only have limited bookings that week, but I am happy to take provisional bookings now and will be able to confirm our liaison the week before,

Victoria Myers