Musical Memories

Hi everyone,I hope you are all well, the past month has been really busy for me, travelling for business and pleasure, the days have gone by in a whirl!  April is proving to be a busy month already, I have just spent 2 nights in an amazing London hotel suite, and as I write this blog the Butler has just bought me a pot of coffee to help me concentrate, I feel like the Queen!

My blog today, as the title suggests, is about musical memories, I’ve always been a Radio One lady (I thought I was “down with the kids”, with my musical knowledge of what’s “number one”), however just recently Radio One has become something that I don’t identify with, I don’t know if it’s my age, becoming intolerant of some of the presenter’s stupidity and silliness, the overboard “wokeness” and political correctness (don’t get me started on that one!), so I decided it was time to ditch Radio One!  I tuned into Radio Two (previously I looked at people who listened to Terry Wogan and the like as old Fuddy Duddys), but what a revelation it has been to me……DJ’s and music from my teens that have evoked so many memories, I must admit I am converted!  I was listening the other day and the theme from the film “Arthur” by Christopher Cross was playing, this took me straight back to my teens, and going on my first date to the cinema to see “Arthur”, I remember sitting in the cinema holding hands with this boy and feeling terrified he may try to kiss me…….(Oh how times have changed lol).

I still love my modern music, and do dip into R1 occasionally, who knew at my advancing age I would still be enjoying the likes of Bad Boy Chiller crew with a lot of Neil Diamond on the side lol

Please keep an eye on my availability for my up to date schedule, I am taking Easter off as there is so much disruption on the Rail Networks so I will be home eating Easter Eggs!

Have a great Easter everyone!

Victoria Myers