Now you see me……Now you don’t!

Hi everyone 

I hope you are all well and settling into the new year.  I have just finished my winter break and as I write this blog I am on a flight, just staring out the plane’s window with a glass of champagne enjoying the views over London, it’s a clear day and I am trying to spot my apartment… is located very close to a famous building in Central London and it is always fun to try and spot it!

Over Christmas I was listening to Radio 2 (a recent convert I must add…..I’m still partial to Radio 1 even at my age!).  The topic of conversation was “Dining in the dark”……my ears pricked up….what is this experience I have never heard of…….apparently there are restaurants where you are in total darkness, either blindfolded or there is complete blackout....”A unique sensory and human experience” the restaurant promises.  So many things spring to mind……what are they serving you?  What does the food look like?  What if you miss your mouth?  What if you spill it down your front?  What if you need the bathroom in between courses?  How do the wait staff know where you are?  What if you get spinach in your teeth and don’t notice till you get home?  I get that not being able to visualise something will heighten your senses (a bit like tie and tease does) and that the flavours of the food will be more intense.  I am kind of intrigued, the restaurant reviews are very good, and from what the reviews say the staff are excellent at creating this unique experience.  Please take a look, and if you do venture to the dark side please let me know how you get on, or better still book a dinner or lunch date with me so we can experience it together!

Victoria Myers