Push the button…...

These little buttons of intense sensitivity that give us so much pleasure, the little erogenous zones that are hot wired to the most intimate parts of our bodies.

Being an escort is a constant learning experience for me, I never knew how many gentlemen enjoy nipple play being performed on them (as well as on me), I have met gentleman that can achieve orgasm just by having their nipples tweaked. Some gentleman enjoy me giving them a slow sensuous suck, or a lick, or a rub, a pinch or even a naughty nibble or a hard bite……everyone is different, and it’s great fun experimenting!

Why do men have nipples when they don’t need them? Nipples are formed very early on in the foetal development before the Y chromosome kicks in and determines the sex of the foetus.

Extra nipples occur in 1-5% of the population and are more prevalent in men, this condition is called polymastia or polythelia. In medieval times if a woman had an extra nipple, it was thought she was a witch.

Up until 1935 it was illegal in most states in the USA for a man to show his nipples, even on the beach, with 100’s of men getting arrested for daring to take their shirts off!

If you fancy a little tweak, rub, suck or nibble, then get in touch, I’m sure we can have great fun exploring!

Victoria x

Victoria Myers