Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

Everyone likes to hear nice things about themselves (in our world it is in the form of feedback on various websites and forums), so when one day a slightly “low positive” review appears on a review site it takes you back a bit.  I do welcome and encourage feedback, I think it is useful to help us to provide a better service (as long as it is not unfair, untrue, personal or an unwarranted attack on someone).  In this case it was none of those things, however it does make you stop and think for a moment and review your approach and think how you can make things better.  In this case the reviewer thought I chatted too much……Yes, I like a chat!  I do prefer to have a chat before being intimate with someone (especially a new client), I’m not a “wham, bam thankyou Mam” kind of lady.  I know a lot of gentleman like to do their research before booking a lady, I do like to think that my website and blogs give an indication of what I am like and how I operate, if you are looking for a lady that is high volume and offers a non personal, mechanical service, with no conversation then I’m really not the lady to book!  If you want a warm, friendly lady that offers a personal, intimate, erotic experience then I’m definitely that lady!  

I will however take the comments on board, and thank the reviewer for his feedback, and for the positive comments about my looks and figure (which is incidentally a size 10 dress, 34G bust, slim yet curvy, meaning I have large boobs, a small waist, curvy hips, a flat stomach and long legs!). 

Victoria Myers