Slipping and sliding!

As Madonna sang in Express yourself “satin sheets are very romantic, what happens when your not in bed?”……….Well I don’t know what happens when your not in bed, but I do know what happens when you are in bed…….so read on! I‘ve always fancied getting naughty in some satin sheets, so now that I have my own “entertaining house” I thought I would invest in a set.

They look amazing on the bed, a beautiful royal blue colour…..very luxurious and very inviting. My date and I couldn’t wait to try them, so when the opportunity arose we couldn’t contain our excitement! We dived in for a night of passion and slippery satin fun……….well, all I can say is the emphasis was on slippery!, The satin duvet cover just wouldn’t stay on the bed with all the movement (and things were getting pretty frisky), it was the coldest night of the year so we were both having to hold on tight to the covers for fear of getting cold, at the same time we were both sliding about on the bottom sheet, it was hilarious! It was actually great fun, the satin felt amazing next to our naked skin, very sensuous and erotic. When it was time for a few hours sleep, it felt amazing to be wrapped up together naked in the satin……even though we had to keep hold of it to prevent slippages lol.

if you fancy getting slippery in satin with me for an overnight of fun, laughs and loads of naughty frolics, then please get in touch!

Victoria Myers