Hi everyone

I hope you are all well!  Just a short blog to let you know I have added some new pictures to my gallery entitled “Summer Polka dots” (I know we are officially in the Autumn now, but I’m still trying to cling on to the summer!).  I hope you like the pictures, I had a shoot done a while back, my aim was to create some FUN colourful pictures, that are a bit different from the normal lingerie and boob shots!

I am working on a longer blog (honestly) and had written it all out ready to publish, but I got distracted (as usual), and somehow it didn’t save, which was very annoying to say the least lol.

I am travelling over the next couple of weeks (1st-16th October 22) so my availability is going to be limited, but as usual I will update my availability page each Sunday, once I know where I will be in the upcoming week.

Big kisses


Victoria Myers