Sunny, sexy days


Sunny, sexy days

Hi everyone 

Hope you are all well.  I’ve just had my Covid booster jab (yes, I am in that age category lol).  I was given Pfizer this time rather than the AZ that my previous two were.  The next morning  I had a numb arm and I couldn’t lift it and my ears felt like they had been stuffed with cotton wool, i‘m fine now though and would sooner have these side affects than get a nasty dose of Covid.

I’ve just come back from a lovely sunshine break, where I had a lovely lazy week laying about in the sun, eating far too much food and being far too naughty with my date!  It was such a treat being taken to all my favourite restaurants on the island, I had some delicious meals and my love of sushi hasn’t abated, even though I ate a vast amount of it!…….Not bad for someone who up until a few years didn’t like fish that much!

One of my memorable meals on my trip was when my date presented me with a small device that was placed in a very intimate place on my body, the device could be controlled either by my date via an app or by voice and noise activation, in a very busy restaurant let’s just say there was a lot of buzzing going off over dinner……..very enjoyable lol

I am available for overnight bookings weekends, longer trips or fly me to you, I like to think I am a fun, easy to get on with and easy going companion that will enhance your down time, and put a big smile on your face!