Tell me about it……….

Hi everyone, hope everything is good with you, things in my life personally and professionally have been busy recently, juggling 2 different lives has been hectic to say the least! I am in London from Sunday’s (Sunday appointments are by prior arrangement) until Wednesday or Thursdays each week. I have settled into my new apartment and loving my London life! I have had some really lovely dates, visiting amazing hotels and restaurants and meeting some wonderful new “friends”.

My blog today is about communication, whenever a gentleman contacts me to enquire about a date, I will ask several question, one of which is “what do you enjoy in the bedroom?”, many people assume (quite incorrectly) that escorts will see anyone…….not true, I will only see gentlemen that I genuinely feel I can provide the service they are looking for, and that we can have a mutually good time. When contacting a SP (service provider) it is so helpful if you are clear and concise with your requests, be it outfits, roleplay (not too lengthy or involved please, just an outline is sufficient, otherwise it becomes like a film script and there is no room for spontaneity). An idea of what you enjoy in the bedroom is a great help, please don’t be shy, I am pretty unshockable, and more than likely heard it before!

Above all please be polite and respectful…… gets you a long way lol

Victoria Myers