What’s Behind the Velvet rope?


What’s Behind the Velvet rope?

“There are two sides of the velvet rope.  Those who WANT to be on the other side and those that ARE on the other side”.....Janet Jackson

Hi everyone…….just a short,  but I think exciting blog today!

I wanted to create a free private area for my valued regular playmates, where you can access new pictures and blogs (I know, it’s very self indulgent of me lol), so I asked my very clever web designer, Richard to help me!  He has now created a private area that has exclusive content and blogs, that will be updated regularly.

As I practice the utmost discretion, I won’t contact you, so if you wish to have access please contact me either through my contact form, by private Twitter DM, SMS/WhatsApp or in person.  Access is at my discretion and will only be given to clients that I have seen previously.