What’s it like to be an Escort

Hi everyone, this months blog is as the title suggests, what’s it like to be me?…….step into a taster of my world…..

I came into this industry fairly late in life, I had always had an enormous curiosity about sex workers (even as a teenager), I remember at about the age of 14 buying a book from the jumble sale (those of you who are old enough to remember these!) about the infamous porn actress Linda “Deepthroat” Lovelace (always puzzled me who in the small village that I grew up in donated it!).

I read it cover to cover in about 2 hours. It wasn’t until (many) years later that a chain of events occurred and I realised I actually would make a rather good Escort (the careers adviser at school would never have seen that one coming!).

To be a good Escort I believe you have to be in the right place in your life, have support from loved ones, be, as I am in a happy relationship (go figure that one lol), have the right mindset, be a good listener (it’s not all about the sex), be a good conversationalist, be professional, have great people skills, be reliable, enjoy what you do and ensure your clients walk away with a big smile on their face and plenty of horny memories!

I love the lifestyle I have, I enjoy meeting different people from all over the world, going to lovely restaurants and travelling to beautiful places. There are downsides to this job, it can be physically and mentally draining, I am very very low volume, I don’t operate a “back to back” service, I prefer quality over quantity, this though can be very taxing, the constant screening calls and messages from time wasters, the concentration levels when meeting a client for the first time, ensuring unsafe practices are not attempted, not compromising my health or safety, the juggling of my work and private life, keeping myself in good shape, keeping up my beauty regime(when sometimes all I want to do is eat junk, and slob about in my pyjamas!), the isolation and secrecy escorting can bring, and the running of my business……just because I’m an Escort I still have to deal with things that every small business owner has to deal with. Dont get me wrong I’m not moaning or complaining about my job, I love my job and wouldn’t want to do anything else, I love being my own boss, making my own decisions, I love the physical aspect of the job ( I do have some banging sex lol), and I must admit I do pinch myself sometimes and can’t quite believe I have found a job that I actually love!!!

I realise there are a lot of gorgeous ladies out there in this very naughty world…..Gentlemen, when choosing a fun partner, please do your research, there are various punting forums out there that can help you decide……or just contact me lol I am in London weekly, just check my availability page or get in touch via my contact form/SMS/WhatsApp

Victoria Myers