What’s your Fantasy?.........

You may share your fantasy with a play friend or partner or keep it in your own mind for solo pleasure, sexual fantasies can be amazing and really perk up your sex life. In this weeks blog I will touch on the more common fantasies that can help make our sex lives mind blowing.

Role play, this can be anything, it allows you to take on a different persona and explore scenarios that are very different from your everyday life, you can be who you want to be, and dress just how you want.

BDSM this allows you to relinquish or retain power.

Threesomes or moresome, a tangle of bodies each enjoying each other is a very popular fantasy.

Taboo and forbidden, forbidden fantasies are always the most tantalising and erotic.

Sexual fluidity…..same sex encounters are a very normal fantasy, setting the scene in your head and imagining how the scenario is going to play out can prove a very heady thought.

Maybe seeing a service provider (Escort) is a fantasy you have been thinking about, but never quite dared to do…….

Dressing in women’s lingerie, this is an incredibly common fantasy, and one that a lot of gents do go on to experience. I think it is the feeling of satin, lace, silk or nylon next to your skin….these feel amazing and incredibly sexy, especially if they have been worn previously by a sexy lady (ask me for details about purchasing such items). I always have a couple of outfits/tights/stockings for you to try if it’s something you wish to experience.

Strap-on fun or pegging…..lots of gent‘s fantasise about this but are scared to try it because of their perceived thoughts around the subject. Pegging has become increasingly popular (Lovehoney report sales of strap-ons increasing 200% in the last year) guys are realising how good it feels, when being “pegged”, the prostate, which has been called the male G-spot is stimulated, leading to greater sexual satisfaction. There is always the perceived switch in power, with the lady becoming the dominant partner. I have a small beginners (or entry level….excuse the pun!) available if you wish to try it out!

Please check out my availability, I am available nationally and internationally (subject to travel restrictions) and would love to see you and hear or help you act out your fantasies……..

Victoria Myers